«I think interpretation is what makes the work. […] I believe in different levels of interpretations which grow out of social, perceptual, and cultural differences. I prefer to encourage people to have their own interpretations, to raise questions and to discourage absolute values in art. I think it is totally wrong to go to museum like Louvre to see a painting like the Mona Lisa with everyone agreeing it is a masterpiece even before they see it. Everyone should make his own museum including things from the very personal to more sophisticated ideas and objects.»
Bray, A. and Breymann, F. (1979). Muntadas: Personal/Public Conversation. Vancouver: Video Guide, p.10.

The Muntadas Archive Association. Center of Studies and Research (ARXIU/AM) is organized around an archive, created from the materials accumulated by Muntadas throughout his career.

The ARXIU/AM is a project in progress that challenges the concept of the archive as a device, that in our case, is continuously expanding and evolving. The ARXIU/AM aims to promote the connections between the documentary system and its context, and to establish transdisciplinary relationships capable of enhancing memory, connecting with the present and anticipating visions of the future.

For this reason, one of the main tasks of the ARXIU/AM is to promote research and the transfer of knowledge in the fields of the visual arts, architecture and human and social sciences by setting up and developing projects involving the participation of different stakeholders, where collaboration is driven by the application of critique and knowledge. To these ends, the association has set up a documentary and research centre with space to welcome researchers in different disciplines.


The ARXIU/AM disseminates its work, functioning and challenges through the researchers involved in the project. Below you will find a list of public presentations on the ARXIU/AM.

  • Anna Dot Verdaguer (Universitat de Vic / Universitat Central de Catalunya) and Pablo Santa Olalla (Universitat de Barcelona), “Arxiu/AM’: The building of an Archive for Antoni Muntadas’ Works”, as part of the “Engaging with Screens: Art, Archive, Book” seminar, organized by DH@Lboro Research Group, 31st May 2017.


The ARXIU/AM is open for consultation by all researchers and professionals. To do so it is necessary to make an appointment, either by filling in the form below, or by sending an email to (Please remember to provide your full name and the reason for your consultation. All queries will be replied to as soon as possible).