Our connection with people external to the Muntadas Archive Association. Center of Studies and Research (ARXIU/AM) is very important for us. There are several different ways you can support our activities through our friendship programme either with a cash donation or participation in specific projects. Your contribution will help us in the consolidation of the archive, the activation of projects and in setting up a global network for the sharing of information between people and organizations.


“Archive” Friend for improving the management and upkeep of the ARXIU/AM. Archive Friends are those who provide structural support, whose contribution to the association is economic, favouring the sustainability, development and growth of the ARXIU/AM. All contributions help further the association’s general aims.

“Project” Friend for specific ARXIU/AM projects. Project Friends support specific projects. Their economic contribution goes towards starting and developing one or several projects inspired by the ARXIU/AM. For more information on projects, click here.

Collaborative Friend. Collaborative Friends are those who are committed to collaborating voluntarily, either physically or virtually, with the ARXIU/AM, fostering an altruistic, supportive relationship, thereby participating in one or several of the projects developed by the association.

If you are interested in collaborating with the ARXIU/AM, please send us an e-mail:

Informed Friends. Informed Friends are those who are interested in connecting with the ARXIU/AM, following its activities and being informed regularly of the projects undertaken by the association. If you are interested in becoming an informed friend, please click here.


Victoria Sacco, Teresa Mulet, Alfonso Borragán, Maite Muñoz, Filipa Nunes, Ainhoa González Graupera, Sara Herrera Dixon, Javiera Luisina Cádiz, Valentin Roma, Gerald Kogler, Blanca Peirats, Gustavo Murillo; Joaquín Vázquez, Lola Carrasco, Sònia Camarasa, María Laura Ríos, Pablo Santa Olalla, Andrea Nacach.