«If fear entails inequality, friendship is an egalitarian bond. Yet “us”, the collective, no longer entails a solid substance (nation, class, ideology). The enemy is anyone and so is the friend. Friendship isn’t real; it’s not an identity. Friendship is a construction based on fragile ephemeral attempts. ‘Friendship doesn’t exist, all that exists are tokens of friendship’.»
Fernández-Savater, A. and Navarro Monedero, L. (2008). Tengo un pasajero en mi cuerpo. In: La construcción del miedo y la pérdida de lo público. Granada: Centro José Guerrero, p.171.

Xarxa [Network] is a project in progress, conceived by Antoni Mercader and promoted by the Muntadas Archive Association. Center of Studies and Research (ARXIU/AM).

From the beginning of his career, teamwork and networking have been a crucial part of Muntadas’ work. This open working process aims to map, geographically, as well as experientially, the international framework of professional relationships that Muntadas has built up over the years through his different projects.

To achieve this we will request information on links to Muntadas from a wide variety of stakeholders (researchers, artists, academics, writers, journalists, students, curators etc.) relating to his artistic work and processes, starting from the establishment of a series of selection criteria, paying attention to the importance of the collaborations.

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Verónica Moll
Victoria Sacco Piffer