«Muntadas is a contemporary nomad, his tools are those of Clifford’s anthropologist: the journey, the itinerary, the perception of the multiplicity of interconnected voices that make up the meanings that construct each place. It is not the journey that characterises him. Nor is it the translation. It is the awareness of travelling in order to translate and translating in order to travel, it is the fact of moving through people, spaces and times and letting oneself be traversed by them.»
Dot, A. (2020). “El viaje: una metáfora de la traducción. Estudio sobre Antoni Muntadas, artista y viajero”. En: Muntadas. Contextos III. Barcelona: La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, p.362.

ARXIU/AM has initiated a specific project to document and investigate those spaces that are or have been relevant to Muntadas’ artistic career. This is a work in progress, which will be expanded with other locations and new documents on each of them.

[ COMERÇ 64 ]

The artist’s studio at Comerç, 64, Barcelona, was a space used by the artist from the late sixties until 2019. It served as a meeting, gathering and working place for multiple agents from the local, national and international artistic field.

The space was scanned in 2019 3D to digitally preserve its layout. The model can be viewed in the box below:

[ TEAM ]

Andrea Nacach
Pablo Santa Olalla