La Siesta / The Nap / Het Dutje

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La Siesta is the result of an invitation by the Netherland Film Museum and the Joris Ivens Fondation in Amsterdam in 1995. This video installation uses black-and-white footage from several films by director Joris Ivens (1898-1989), dating from the 1930’s through the ‘70’s, juxtaposed with color images made by Muntadas. There is audiovisual recording of a nap, a moment of intimacy, and a symbolic evocation of dreams and utopia. Beginning with the sentence “All works of art are always autobiographical,” the introduction is a journey into memory, history, activity and war, and the silent image of a hand emphasizes La Siesta/The Nap/Dutje as a metaphor of pause, reflection and space between.

Source for Media Artists, Netherlands Film Museum, Amsterdam (1995-1996)