Disinformation. The Manufacture of consent

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Disinformation is a technique used by the printed and electronic media in order to create national opinion and consent. It is a technique of half truths, bias editorials and the excl u- sion of pertinent information. It pretends to be objective and fair. Most importantly it plays on a people's belief in a "Free Press". Propaganda on the other hand, is government- endorsed ideology, which is forced on a people for the purposes of "education and of course, their own good" (as perceived by the State). Those living in totalitarian (authoritar- ian) states like El Salvador, South Korea, China and Russia know that the State forces spe- cific information on them. Unfortunately those of us living in "free Western democracies" a re often under the misguided assumption that we get "all the news that's fit to print." The truth is that both disinformation and propaganda serve the same purpose: control of a pop- ulation by feeding it government approved information.

The success of this exhibit lies in the hands of the artists and the presenting organization. I hope this exhibition serves as the beginnings of a dialogue between us. The idea that "art and politics don't mix" is no longer valid. One may choose not to mix them, but as to the rel- evance of this effort there is no doubt. Alternative institutions should devote themselves to exhibits with controversial substance; otherwise they won't be alternatives at all.

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