Don Henderson: Hope line.

Ann: Dr. Lewis?

Don Henderson: No, it’s Don Henderson. Can I help you?

Ann: Dr. Lewis gave me this number.

Don Henderson: Yes. Many doctors do. We’re here to help you.

Ann: Who are you?

Don Henderson: I’m Don Henderson.

Ann: No, I know that. What are you doing there?

Don Henderson: Well, I listen to your problems, and I help if I can. What’s… what’s bothering you?

Ann: What makes you say that?

Don Henderson: Well, because we all have problems… and you’re crying. And it doesn’t sound like you should a piece of joy.

Ann: Look… I’m a happy person. I was a very happy person.

Don Henderson: What happened then?

Ann: I think that faith is fairly unfair. I think it’s really unfair that some people have faith and the others do not.

Don Henderson: This is why you stopped being happy?

Ann: No, no, That was just a thought. It was something that cross my mind.

Don Henderson: What happened?

Ann: They’re run out my favorite ice cream.

Don Henderson: In your life.

Ann: We don’t realize when we’re happy, and I think that’s unfair. I mean I think that you should have your happiness and then… you know, there should be a store for rainy days where you can get a little bit of happiness, just a little bit. Like you’ve a little bit of extra cereal, a little bit of… you know, extra toilet paper, just a spar, you know?

Don Henderson: Why do we need extra?

Ann: You don’t? I mean you’re just so happy?

Don Henderson: No. No I’m not but… I don’t feel lucky.

Ann: Oh, my God… I hope they don’t record these conversations.

Don Henderson: We don’t record them.

Ann: So, what is it like listen to other’s people’s problems in the middle of the night?

Don Henderson: It’s ok. Do you really want to know?

Ann: Yeah.

Don Henderson: It’s better than thinking about my own problems.

Ann: And that’s why you do this?

Don Henderson: Listen, I don’t think you’ve call to talk about me. I see you’ve stopped crying.

Ann: Do you know what love is?

Don Henderson: No, what?

Ann: Yeah…