The collection XXXI – 5 Ensembles, 25 years M HKA

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5 ensembles, 25 years M HKA * consists of five different parts, which revolve around the work of one artist: Orlan, Guillaume Bijl, Paul De Vree, Antonio Muntadas and Gordon Matta-Clark. In 1980, the French artist Orlan realized in the ICC one of her MesuRage - projects: she measured the spaces with her ​​own body as a standard. By Guillaume Bijl, we demonstrate the early conceptual work. Paul De Vree profiled mainly within the visual poetry, an edge area of ​​the arts that the M HKA autonomy in its attention would bring. Of Spanish artist Antonio Muntadas the museum has two works from the ICC archive; within this exhibition a broader insight into his work will be expanded. And finally Gordon Matta-Clark whereof a number of films will be shown.