Muntadas. Projects / Proposals

Individual / Colectiva
Descripción / Sinopsis

This exhibition, Muntadas’ sixth with the gallery since 1990, will begin with early documents originally proposed in the 70s to be made into heliographs (an early blueprint medium), these 18 Projects/Proposals (1971-1980) mapped his intentions for installations, videos and performance works.  Never realized due to the instability of the medium, they have recently been recovered and now presented in the form of screen prints as originally intended.  From these very early years, Muntadas has continued to develop an extended series of installations investigating means of contextualization and interpretation.


Muntadas: Projects is an exhibition dedicated to presenting a way of creating and of working.  It sets out to evidence, with several of fully realized works, his commitment to the creation of models on which he has articulated independently of trends and fashions in techniques and mediaover more than forty years.