«Even though one piece should work alone, I don’t think in one piece but in the discourse which occurs between pieces. The interaction of the works (discourse) can describe the concerns of the total work. A single work has to do with the moment and context in which it was made and how you see things in that precise situation. We see things differently through the years. To understand the work one needs to follow the evolution from previous work, which is inevitably related to the evolution of the person who made it.»
Bray, A. and Breymann, F. (1979). Muntadas: Personal/Public Conversation. Vancouver: Video Guide, p.10.

At the core of the Muntadas Archive Association. Center of Studies and Research (ARXIU/AM) is the collection of documents accumulated by Muntadas throughout his career. The archive is a living thing, a work in process, growing every day through new additions.

You will soon be able to consult the documents available in the ARXIU/AM using our online catalogue.

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