SKY ART Conference '81

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28,00 x 21, 05 cm
Color / ByN
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Center for Advanced Visual Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
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The world "SKY ART Conference" convenes artists, scientists, scholars, practitioners and educators to confer on present and future spatial life and its aspects of information, investigation, education and expression. It exposes facts of future life to professionals and a public at large which is urgently invited. The massive displays of power tools and power skills of the space shuttle will be contrasted with the quiet fulfillment of ancient dreams as in the Gossamer and Solar Challenger silent flights. The Artists' enthusiasm will contrast the methodical scientists' research and the politicians' urge to win and to provide leadership. They will assemble for a few days of exchanging informations and views and of reporting initial experiences to students, i. e. generations who will inhabit the sky. 

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