Connecting Worlds

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15,00 x 10, 5 cm
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NTT Publishing Co
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The Connecting Worlds, the first exhibition after the renewal of NTT InterCommunication Center[ICC] focus on the "communication", with contributions exploring the creative possibilities that emerged out of the new environments of the networking age.

Communication is indispensable for any living organism to survive and coexist with others. Human beings in particular, endowed with language and text, have communicated ideas while advancing technologies and media, which range from oral communication to the Internet, throughout history.

Today, communication is a daily event that occurs through the use of various devices and systems that best suit the situation. Communication in this context means not only subjective communication between people but also the connection that automatically arises between people and just about everything else, from machines and other inanimate objects to other life forms, by transcending the division between analog and digital. In this process of communication, the behavioral information of each person is networked, organized, and shared. At the same time, however, there is the risk of a closed circuit being created as the information is edited based on the historical use of the network. Accordingly, discovering the means of diversifying and opening communication is a pressing issue for individuals, the network, and society.

This exhibition features artwork and projects that take a unique step into contemporary networks, politics, economies, physiology, or urban environments by manipulating sound, games, the Internet, or other media as well as foreseeing artwork created in the past. In this world, where different media and codes connect, the audience gets involved, becoming a part of the show, while simultaneously witnessing gaps in information or noise being creatively translated and emerging as new modes of information.

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