La cité sous le ciel

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After a year "hors-les-murs", the Cneai = sets up its new spaces at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris in a 34-hectare park open to the public with a population of 6000 residents representing 51 countries. In unusual exhibition spaces, the Cneai = will create collaborative artistic programs with the houses, residents, services and associations of the campus.

To inaugurate its new spaces, the Cneai = is organizing "The City Under the Sky", an exhibition of 'manifestos' inspired by the aid to discernment thought up by Bruno Latour in his article "Imagining barrier-gestures against the return to pre-crisis production" (AOC, March 2020). The device takes place on a path of 356 trees, within the park of the Cité universitaire, where the proposals of residents and invited artists are displayed.

The exhibition is evolving and the proposals of the invited artists and the residents of the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris are hung as they are created.

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