UbuWeb - Skip Blumberg - Nam June Paik: Lessons from the video master (2006)

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Artículo y pieza videográfica de Skip Blumberg sobre Nam June Paik que aparece en UbuWeb. En el texto que acompaña al vídeo, Blumberg describe en parte el entierro de Paik:

"I brought my camcorder but, without a good shooting position and several cameras with, I put the camera down during the ceremony. However, afterwards, at the lively reception in the Hotel Mark a few blocks away, I recorded dozens of friends (missed Shalom Gorewitz, Lori Zippay and other EAI'ers, Tom Zafian, and Muntadas, but did get lots of the early art video crowd - including all mentioned above, Yoko Ono, Merce Cunningham, Riyuchi Sakamoto and 30 others) with a theme: I asked everyone to briefly tell me something they learned from Paik and his work - advice, inspirations, aphorisms. (He once told me: "If it's not good don't use it even once; if it's good you can use it more than once.")... lessons from a video master." 

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