MAXXI Collection. The Place to Be

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MAXXI is reconfiguring and tripling the spaces devoted to its permanent collections. The presentation of the collection begins in the museum piazza featuring two new large-scale installations: Mareo Merz by Elisabetta Benassi and Senza titolo (aereo) by Paola Pivi.

It then proceeds without interruptions on the ground floor, with a new permanent video gallery and, in Gallery 1, over 30 works of art, architecture and photography, with pieces from the Sixties through to the most recent period.

The Place To Be is also marked by the publication of the amended Catalogue of the MAXXI Arte Collection organized in two parts: the general catalogue of works and the section devoted to prizes, commissions and thematic presentations. The e-book of the MAXXI Architettura Catalogue will be also be available and will include the new acquisitions from 2016-2017.  

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